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About Karen A. Moon

Karen A. Moon was born in 1980. Professionally, the author first chose photography and earned a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in photography. Today she is also a mother of three children. After many forays in the cultural, artistic and also business fields, Karen A. Moon has fulfilled a long-awaited heart's desire and written her first book with the Magical Lights trilogy. The realm of fantasy is infinitely large for the author and so many more magical stories will surely follow.



An Empire of Darkness and Fire, Vol. 1



Five years ago, Myrina was a typical New York student, but after a brotherhood took over the world and stripped all women of their rights, her life changed abruptly. The chains of this new society threaten to suffocate her, but in her heart burns the indestructible fire of freedom.
Her fiancé Alex is supposed to be her salvation. But who is this mysterious Mr. Baldur, to whom she is inevitably drawn?
When women her age, including her best friend, disappear, she joins an underground organization of women called the Amazons. Together, they set out in search of the missing and, at the same time, try to find out what the brotherhood's real goal is.
Myrina courageously follows the path of her destiny deeper and deeper into the turmoil of the powers and what lies beyond the visible


An Empire of Light and Shadow, Vol. 2

Torn away from her world, Myrina wakes up in a reality full of grief, confusion, and an unmistakable longing for her kidnapper.
Her fiancé is gone. The mission has failed.
Her new host, Mr. Tanael Baldur, triggers suspicion and, above all, feelings in Myrina that tear her heart.
Is he pursuing the same goal as her? Who is he really, and is there a way to stop the Knights of John?
Amidst the turmoil of legends, worlds, and her feelings, Myrina continues to fight for freedom and peace in her homeland.
Who will accompany her on her path to justice? And where is her true home?